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KSU 5 Kinds of services

  • Casting and Forging Part (CFP):
    This type includes many industrial products which are formed by molding such as Casting Products, Pumping & Pressing Products, and also the Forging Products which are produced from several kinds of industrial materials.
  • Fabrication and Installation Project (FIP): 
    This type includes the fabrication and installation for industrial parts for customers' project which using several kinds of engineering methods such as shering, preesing to form shape, rolling and welding (i.e. electronic, gas, TIG, MIC, etc) techniques.
  • Machine New Parts (MNP):
    This type includes forming new industrial parts for or customer orders by using several kinds of engineering techniques, for example, Shering, Laching, Planning, Milling, Drilling, Boring, Grinding, etc. Examples of products such as Gear and Sprocket, Belt conveyer, Chain conveyer, Roller, Wire Cut, EDM, etc.
  • Overhaul & Repair Parts (ORP):
    This type includes all repairing and fixing customers' machines by using the improvement from engineering methods such as Re-welding and Re-machine, etc.
  • Customizing Designs, Modify, or Reproduce (CDMR):
    This type includes designs, modify and reproduce all kinds of industrial machine follow our customers demand.

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